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Effortlessly, towards lightness.



Effortlessly supporting work

The functionality of the Muscle Suit made more accessible with the Muscle Suit Soft-Light , which can be worn like clothing.

By providing comfortable support to the waist, it reduces the strain of various tasks such as lifting and carrying heavy objects or working in a stooped posture.

Furthermore, it prioritizes everyday comfort with its lightweight design, excellent breathability, and ease of wearing, adjusting, and maintenance, without hindering movements during work.


Comfortable support for
various tasks

  • For lifting and carrying tasks in manufacturing and logistics warehouses

  • For maintaining uncomfortable postures in the care giving field

  • For forward-leaning postures in agricultural work

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Comfortable fit
1.Design that allows freedom of movement for the worker
Design that follows the human body structure and moderate elasticity of each part, allowing support for working postures without hindering movements.
2.Easy to put on and adjust
By adjusting the tightness of the belts or straps, you can quickly relax during break time.
3.Mesh material with excellent breathability
The back and lumbar panels, as well as the thigh belts, are made of highly breathable mesh material, ensuring comfort even during long hours of wear.
4.Lightweight and easy to maintain
With a lightweight design of approximately 460kg (※) for the upper and lower parts combined, it reduces the burden during wearing. ※Size L


  1. STEP 01
    Buckle the upper part to the lower part to connect.
  2. STEP 02
    Pulling up the upper end of the front fastening part so that it aligns with the navel position during wearing.
  3. STEP 03
    While pulling, adjust and put on the belt above the knees.
  4. STEP 04
    Pull and secure the reinforcing belt.
  5. STEP 05
    ull the joint straps to fit snugly and complete the process.


Please choose the upper part size based on your height, and the lower part size based on your waist size. (Note that the sizing may vary for upper and lower parts depending on your body shape).

Please measure your waist size at the level of your navel, and if the measurement falls between two sizes, please choose the larger size.

The lower part is based on your nude measurements.
Since the pants are worn over your regular clothes and belt, please choose a size that is approximately 3-5 cm larger than your usual size.

Crotch point
Size Scope of Application
S (Height) 155-165cm
M (Height) 165-175cm
L (Height) 175-185cm
S (Waist Size) 65-75cm
M (Waist Size) 75-85cm
L (Waist Size) 85-95cm

FAQ よくある質問

  • Q1 When wearing Soft-Light, can you lift heavy objects more easily?

    Soft-Light falls into the category of powered assist suits (PAS), specifically classified as a passive type.
    Passive-type PAS do not use external power, but instead store and utilize the energy from changes in the wearer’s posture and movements to provide assistive force.
    They primarily serve a supportive role in enabling the wearer to efficiently utilize their own strength, rather than reducing the weight of the load.

  • Q2 What is the purpose of using it?

    It is used to reduce the strain on the lower back during forward-leaning posture or lifting heavy objects, and to prevent lower back pain.
    It provides support to the lower back during tasks that involve such postures, not only for those who already have lower back pain but also for those without it, thus helping to prevent lower back pain.

  • Q3 What are the differences compared to a lumbar support belt?

    The significant difference is the effect of the shoulder belt, which supports the upper body during forward-leaning posture.
    Additionally, the thigh belt and cross tapes help to reduce the strain on the lower back during lifting posture.

  • Q4 Where can I purchase it?

    Please contact our authorized distributors for purchasing inquiries.