The new workplace practices.



The new workplace practices.

Introducing a new standard for all workplaces. Muscle Suit Soft-Power, built upon the assistance technology developed in the Muscle Suit series, combines support and comfort to achieve a garment-like wearing experience. It provides assistance throughout the day, making strenuous tasks feel light and effortless.

Soft-Power BACK SIDE
Soft-Power BACK SIDE


Effortlessly perform all tasks with a garment-like level of comfort.

  • Lifting and carrying tasks
    in manufacturing and
    logistics warehouses.

  • Maintaining challenging positions
    in the caregiving field.

  • Forward leaning posture
    in agricultural work.


  • 35% reduction
    in lowerback strain.

    Supple yet firm support.

  • Vehicle Operation
    is okay.

    The support can be turned on or off with the shoulder buckle. When the support is off, vehicle operation is also allowed.

  • NOT HOT,
    no sweating.

    Since it is worn on the back and secured with a belt below the knees, the contact area of the fabric with the body is minimal.

  • Easy to move in.

    Ideal for tasks involving frequent movement such as walking and squatting.

  • Light Weight.

    Body weight:430g.



  1. STEP 01

    Adjust the display of the adjustment belt on the back section to match your own body height.
    *Align the numbers at the bottom of the adjuster.
  2. STEP 02

    Wear the shoulder strap like a backpack.
  3. STEP 03

    Fasten the chest buckle.
  4. STEP 04

    Unfasten the shoulder buckles on the left and right sides.
  5. STEP 05

    Fasten the below-the-knee belt below the knee.
  6. STEP 06

    Connect the shoulder buckles on the left and right sides.
  7. STEP 07

    Pull the shoulder straps and tighten them to ensure there is no slack.
  8. STEP 08

    Adjust the lumbar cushion to align with the height behind the navel.
    *Adjust it based on the fastening positions of the shoulder strap and below-the-knee strap.


Size Free size
(Applicable height: 150cm to 190cm, Waist size: Free)
Net weight 430g
Material Polyester, nylon, polyurethane, polyethylene, polyacetal, polypropylene, EPDM, ABS, synthetic leather, others.
Color Black



What is the Soft-Power Muscle Suit?

The Soft-Power Muscle Suit is an assistive suit that utilizes the technology of artificial muscles to comfortably reduce the burden on the lower back. It combines superior support and comfort, which were not achievable with conventional supporter-type assistive suits, making it suitable for various situations.


Can it help lift heavy objects more easily when worn?

You cannot lift weights heavier than what you can lift without wearing the suit. By wearing the suit, it reduces the strain on your lower back by approximately 35%, making it easier to carry objects during light work or perform tasks in a semi-crouched position.


What are the differences compared to exoskeleton-type assist suits
(such as Muscle Suit Every or GS-BACK)?

The suit is designed to provide a comfortable fit similar to regular clothing and does not restrict body movement, allowing you to climb stairs and drive vehicles while wearing it. Additionally, it is extremely light weight (430g) compared to exoskeleton-type suits, making it easy to wear for extended periods without discomfort.


What sizes are available?

This product is available in one size. By adjusting the back adjustment belt, it can be used by individuals with a height range of 150cm to 190cm. It can be easily worn by one person in as little as 10 seconds.


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