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MUSCLE SUIT Every / マッスルスーツ エブリィ


Make life lighter

From lightening the load on your back at work
to helping with daily labor-intensive
activities. Muscle Suit Every is an assistive
suit created to help all people live healthy lifestyles.

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10 seconds to put it on.
We’ll show you the correct way
to wear the Muscle Suit Every.


SCENE Actual usage examples

Suntory Spirits Ltd.

Using a tight-fit
small/medium size

We bought the Muscle Suit for Female staff, but now male staff are using it too. Our workplace has become a more comfortable environment for all employees.

Sweet Potato Farm

Using a soft-fit
medium/large size

When I wear the Muscle Suit it feels like someone is supporting me by pushing my backside, so I feel like it reduces the risk of hurting my back.

VOICE Customer Testimonials

  • Male (30’s) rice farmer using a tight-fit medium/large size

    I use the suit when I’m feeding the raw rice into the machine that removes the husks. In addition to guarding against back pain, when considering the use of space in our warehouse, this made more sense to use compared to installing a conveyor. Of course, my staff members have experienced injuring their backs before, so I want to make good use of the suit to prevent any further injuries.

  • Male (40’s) working at a nursing care facility using a soft-fit medium/large size

    I mainly use it when helping bedridden patients with excrement and for changing sheets. The beds are about knee height, so I spend much of my time bending down, but when I‘m using the suit, this posture is much more comfortable. It feels like I’m being held up from above, so I could probably even sleep in that position. I also have a hernia that I got from injuring my back about 10 years ago, so I wish I had this suit much sooner.

  • Male (30’s) working in a manufacturing plant using a tight-fit small/medium size

    My job is loading products that weigh 20 kgs. On busy days sometimes I’ll load 50 boxes.
    It takes more than an hour, and I can really feel the reduced burden on my lower back when wearing the Muscle Suit.
    If I don’t wear it when I work, it is really tiring. If possible, I’d like everyone I work with to wear one to create an environment where we can all work long term.

  • Male (20’s) working at a lighting fixture manufacturer using a tight-fit medium/large size

    I have a small frame, but sometimes I have to carry as many as 30 items at once that can weight about 60 kgs, and there are many situations where I have to do this all alone, so I bought the suit to reduce the burden on my lower back. The Muscle Suit doesn’t require electricity, so I don’t have to worry about ensuring there is an electric supply in case of disaster. It can be used whenever you need it, which is why I chose it.

  • Female (age 72) fruit orchard farmer using a tight-fit small/medium size

    I have to carry the containers of harvested fruit so they can be sorted out and I’m often bending during the sorting process, so there is a very heavy burden on my lower back on a daily basis. Now, I can carry 20 kg. boxes of fruit all on my own, and I had decided to quit farming in two years, but now I’m thinking I may extend that to three or four years.

INTERVIEW Developer’s motivation

Pursuing things that are truly necessary in the world.

During 20 years of development period, There were more failures than finding success. What kept me going every time was the people who tried on the suit and said, “This technology is really needed.” It was that simple phrase.


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