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MUSCLE SUIT Every / マッスルスーツ エブリィ

Q&A Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be used by both men and women?

It can be used by both men and women, young and old. Please use the size recommended for your height.

Can I lift something that weighs 100 kgs?

You cannot lift something that weighs more than what you can ordinarily lift.

Can I wear it even if I suffer from lower back pain?

You can use it, but please do so within the scope of work you are able to do.

Has it been endurance tested?

It has been endurance tested one million times and passed.

In what kinds of places is it used?

It is often used in nursing care, farming, manufacturing, construction, and other labor intensive situations. Please click here for more details.

How long does it last once you fill it with air?

It can be used continuously for several hours after filling it. If you feel that the assistive power has weakened, please use the pump again to fill the suit with air.

Are there temperature restrictions for the environment it can be used in?

It can be used in environments between -30 and 50 degrees Celsius.

Can it be used in the rain?

It has passed waterproof endurance testing, so it can be used in the rain or near water.

It’s difficult to bend down…

That can be resolved by adjusting the air pressure or loosening the shoulder belts. Click here to see how to put the suit on from a bending position.

What should I do if it gets dirty?

The cover can be placed in a laundry net and washed with water. Make sure the cover is thoroughly dry before using it again.

Will it break if I put too much air in it?

If the air pressure exceeds the maximum capacity of 0.5 MPa, the safety valve will automatically release the extra air.

How much air should I fill it with?

Normally, if there is no air in the suit, you should pump between 30 and 45 times to fill it. Adjust the amount of air depending on the work you‘re doing and the muscle strength of the person using it.

Can I move from place to place while wearing the suit?

Yes, but if it is difficult to move, remove the thigh pads before moving and that should relieve any difficulty.

Should I remove the air after using it?

Leaving the air inside is not a problem. If the air is still inside, the thigh frame will not fold, which can make it less convenient to carry or store.

What should I do if the suit is damaged?

If something is wrong with the suit, please see Chapter 13“Is it broken?” of the User’s Manual. We also have a dedicated damage and repair reception center. Please inquire here.

How should I care for the suit?

When should parts be replaced?

How can I dispose of the used products?

Please dispose of them in accordance with your local government’s laws and regulations.

How should I store it?

I’m not sure if the suit sits where it should on my body.

Please see “How to use the suit” for the correct way to put the suit on.

It feels heavy…

The suit is constructed so that the waist belt supports weight. Please check to make sure the weight is being supported by the waist and not by the shoulders. Please see “How to use the suit” for the correct way to put the suit on.

The thigh pads come off of my thighs.

We recommend that small-framed people and people with small waists use the Small/Medium size regardless of height.

It doesn’t fit on my back.

As a rule, this product has been constructed to not sit directly against the back and shoulders for the following reasons.
So that the weight of the product does not rest on your shoulders.
So that it doesn’t fall against your back when you lean forward.
Rest assured, the suit can still properly support your work even if it does not rest against your back.

Arching my back is difficult.

To adjust the degree to which you can arch your back, please try loosening the shoulder belts and lengthening them. The degree to which you can arch your back will increase.

The suit is making a strange noise.

Please use a small amount of silicon-based lubricating oil for resin on the part making the noise. If the noise persists, stop using the suit immediately.

Will my back pain heal if I wear the suit?

It is not a treatment tool for back pain.

Can I drive while wearing the suit?

Wearing the suit while driving can lead to traffic accidents, so please do not drive a car, forklift, or other vehicles while wearing the suit.

Can I wear the suit directly against my skin?

Belt and pads directly on your skin may cause chafing, so we recommend wearing the suit over clothing.

Are there age restrictions on wearing the suit?

There are no age restrictions, but if the product does not fit your body type then please do not try to use it against recommended conditions.