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MUSCLE SUIT Every / マッスルスーツ エブリィ


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SCENE Suntory Spirits Ltd. Using a tight-fit small/medium size

I oversee the entire production process at an alcohol production factory, which involves the receiving and loading raw materials that weigh 10 to 18 kgs numerous times a day, everyday. Our company runs a project to make the workplace a pleasant working atmosphere not only for men but also for women, and as part of that I started using the Muscle Suit.
The main reasons we introduced the Muscle Suit were the ease with which it can be put on, its workability, breathability, and the fact that you can actually feel how it helps lighten the load. In addition, you cannot use general electricity where hazardous materials are being handled, so we chose this model because it functions using air. Men are now using the Muscle Suit too, and our workplace has become a more comfortable environment for all employees.

SCENE Sweet Potato Farm Using a soft-fit medium/large size

One container of harvested sweet potatoes weighs up to 25 kgs, and I use the suit to load and unload the containers onto trucks and into the warehouse. My lower back was always in pain, but especially these last few years it hurt so much I couldn’t turn over in my sleep. The Muscle Suit can be used outdoors, works with compressed air, and doesn’t require electricity, so I decided to try it. When I did, loading and unloading the containers was a lot less painful on my back.
Once you injure your lower back, it’s difficult for it to heal. Normally, I’m very careful, but when I am absorbed in farm work, there are times when I lift heavy items without thinking about it. In those cases, when I wear the Muscle Suit it feels like someone is supporting me by pushing my backside, so I feel like it reduces the risk of hurting my back.